Elk Rifle Hunts

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This spectacular area turns golden brown and the changes in the seasons are truly exciting. The first snowfalls of the year blanket the expansive meadows and now open hillsides. Occasional bugles can still be heard. The elk begin to transition from the rut to pre-migration behaviors. The bulls and cows begin to separate and feed heartily. Multiple bulls can be seen feeding as they put their weight back on for the winter. The herd bulls that were so elusive during the rut now focus on feeding and become more easily hunted.

Deer are also more active during this time. Large alpine bucks come down from the tundra as they begin to search for does. Some exceptional bucks well over 30" can be taken during the rifle seasons.

We offer hunts in the Eagles Nest Wilderness for the first three rifle seasons. We also offer hunts at a lower elevation for later seasons. Please call for availability.

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